Dive into canyons of emotions!
At the Novella River Park nature rhymes with adventure,
and this year it’s getting safer and more exciting

Choose your activities in the Park…
trekking, kayaking and this year also canyoning


meters in length

meters of catwalk

meters deep

visitors per year

The Novella stream has created, over thousands of years, spectacular canyons etched into the rock with narrow passages and vertical walls.

Come and discover the magic of water!

A hike

for everyone!

In the Novella River Park you can walk suspended on metal walkways and let yourself be led by the emotions that only such a mysterious place can give you.

Experienced guides will take you through the route illustrating the unique characteristics of the place, from flora to fauna to geology. A fun way to get to know Nature! We wear the helmet and ready for adventure… Via!

Do you want to admire the gorges of the Novella stream from another perspective? Get on board our kayaks and… the adventure will begin. Find out how!

Adventure rhymes with Nature!

Climb aboard our kayaks and be led to discover hidden paradises in the charming and wild gorges of Torrente Novella. Our guides will make you live an unforgettable experience in the most unique and unexpected nature of the Val di Non!

NEW 2020!
Dive into the rocky walls of the Novella stream along impressive natural slides between fresh water swirls and jumps into the void.

Fun in the canyons!

Alpine guides will take you to discover places never seen, on the depths of narrow canyons, jumping into the natural water holes of the stream and sliding among the smooth rocks over the millennia!

Discover AlMeleto the first playful-didactic path of the Val di Non to know everything there is to know about the queen of the Val di Non, Her Majesty the Apple!

A good Apple-adventure!

A walk for young and old where to discover new places, learn about apples and how they are grown, play with insects, admire glimpses of Val di Not unknown, rest in the woods, smell, guess, read or just walk…


In the charming Casa De Gentili in Sanzeno you can discover the Val di Non multimedia, a playful, educational and informative center to learn about the territory, its history, its paths…

La Vetrina della Val di Non
a Casa De Gentili a Sanzeno

A fascinating, playful and stimulating path of discovery of the Val di Non within the walls of the fascinating Casa De Gentili in Sanzeno, at the mouth of the San Romedio trail and a stone’s throw from the Retic Museum, the center for archaeology and ancient history of the Val di Non.

Contact us

Novella River Park

Office: St. Vitale Square, 10
Fraz. Romallo 38028 – Novella (TN)

Cell. 329.8366160
Tel. 0463.432064

email: info@parcofluvialenovella.it


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  • star rating  Purtroppo abbiamo beccato la domenica con evento incluso. Di conseguenza pagato di più perché lungo il percorso c'erano tre punti dedicati a tre strumenti diversi. Nulla da togliere o da... read more

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  • star rating  Passeggiata a partire dai meleti della Val di Non a Romallo si entra quasi subito nel canion scavato nei secoli dal rio Novella,su ponticelli sospesi nella roccia, interessanti le descrizioni... read more

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  • star rating  Bellissima esperienza accompagnati da ragazzi molto gentili, preparati e disponibili. Partendo dal centro paese, attraversando meleti a perdita d'occhio si entra in questo stupendo luogo creatosi in migliaia di anni... read more

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  • star rating  abbiamo deciso di fare un'escurione nelle passerelle del canyon, ovviamente ha un costo, perchè attratti dalle recensioni e dalla curiosità del paesaggio.
    La guida è stata molto brava e gentile,... read more