The Novella River Park also promotes and promotes volunteering through ad hoc training courses and National and Provincial Civil Service projects.

For whom?
Young people aged 18 to 28

We are looking for a young person who possesses:
– knowledge and interests related to the environment, tourism, culture and teaching;
– sharing the principles of association, volunteering and solidarity;
– willingness to get involved, to experiment (proactiveness) and to learn;
– good language skills (preferably English and German);
– good IT skills;
– predisposition to contact with the public;
– communication and relationship skills.

6 months, from May 1 to October 31, 2019

30 hours a week Monday to Friday

At the Novella River Park

Information office and equipped route through the canyons

Available places 1 (expected one meal voucher per day)

433.80 per month

What do you do?
The young woman will be able to perform the following activities:

– welcoming visitors and preparing for guided tours;
– information to the public at the Information Office;
– accompaniment in the Park and illustration of the route;
– organization and participation in guided tours with schools and workshops for children;
– design and construction of new workshops for younger audiences;
– voicemail operations (such as booking collection, business package formulation, different data collection, mail management);
– development and commercial promotion interventions, customer satisfaction surveys;
– promotion of the Park and individual activities, for example collecting photographic and video material for updating social media;
– design, design and implementation of initiatives and events.

During the experience of SCUP the young person will be offered the opportunity of training both from the point of view of safety and especially on the issues closely related to the Park: geology, flora, fauna, history thanks to the comparison with experts from the various sectors. For a more complete knowledge of the tourist offer in the valley there will be some training moments at the Apt Val di Non, as well as some guided tours to the most interesting places and attractions of the Val di Non.

Contacts and
The head of contacts with young people is Alessandro Rigatti

cell: 3497821061

You can submit your application (downloadable form from the site) by email to with the SCUP registration receipt attached and identity card no later than8 April 2019

Today, the Civil Service has become an opportunity for young people aged 18 to 28,


  • get closer to the world of work. It allows you to have practical and concrete experience in various public, non-profit and business organizational contexts, increasing your personal wealth of knowledge and skills, even professional ones.
  • become an active citizen.

    It is, that is, an opportunity to rediscover how one’s activities and service generate value and benefit not only for themselves, but also for individuals or for the whole community. All this participating in social and community life,making available their knowledge, talents, energies and time, for shared and socially relevant purposes.

  • experiment with a wide variety of projects, activities and institutions. The projects, with a variable duration (minimum of 3 months, maximum 1 year), span a number of areas of activity: from the social welfare sector to the world of cooperation, from communication to culture, from museums to the world of theatre and entertainment, from (new) technologies to entrepreneurship. Periodically, in this section of the site, the list of banned projects is published among which young people can choose and apply.

  • learn from professionals in the field.
    The body that proposed the project selects, among the shortlist of candidates, the chosen ones through an aptitude interview. The young person selected is guaranteed the support of a professional, called “Local Project Operator” (OLP) who, as a tutor, accompanies him in his own path of educational, personal and professional growth.
  • training. During the course of the project, the young person on duty will receive two types of training: specific training transmitted (for a minimum of 4 hours per month) by the agency in which it is being serviced, aimed at acquiring the information and technical and professional knowledge necessary to carry out the activities provided for the specific project; And the General training, provided by the competent body (the Civil Service Office) for a minimum of 7 hours per month, aimed at acquiring the useful and expendable “transversal” skills in any context of life, personal, civic, that professional.
  • minimum economic autonomy.

    The commitment required is about thirty hours per week on 5 or 6 days for which the young person receives a payment of 433.80 euros per month.

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