Fossils in the Novella River Park

Fossils: what are they?

The fossil can be understood as any remnant, plant or animal, or a trace left by an organism in the rock layers (footprints, movement tracks…) that lived in earlier times. Fossils can usually be found inside the rocks that make up the surface of the earth’s crust. Finding a fossil is always a great satisfaction as they are remnants of the past and represent a precious testimony of the Earth in a distant era.

Fossils in the Novella River Park

The first geological studies on the Val di Non date back to the second half of the 19th century and continued steadily and thoroughly throughout the rest of the twentieth century. All the research carried out and the amount of data collected have made it possible to enrich the knowledge of the territory and to reconstruct the fundamental stages of the long geological history.

The Novella Torrent Valley, in its almost 20 km, crosses most of the rock formations and remarkable variety of landscapes. The path of the Novella stream, from its source to its confluence with Lake Santa Giustina, tells a story of over 280 million years… A real journey through time!

The oldest sedimentary rock in the Val di Non can be found on Monte Luco, where the Novella stream flows for the first two kilometers. In the thin blackish layers of the rock you can see plant fossil remains, such as coniferous fronds, and small reptiles.

Continuing along the route, another observable rock formation is the main dolomite, once submerged by water, where it is now possible to easily find large molluscs (megalodons) and gastropods fossilized in the rock.

More peculiar fossils, such as the footprints of reptiles similar to those of crocodiles, have been found on the road that leads from Cles to Mostizzolo.

In the gorge of Parco Novella

Walking on the metal walkways in the gorge, accompanied by the loud sound of the water, you will be fascinated by imposing rock walls. These walls reveal in the rarefied light the fossil footprints of the inhabitants of the primordial sea that once submerged these areas.

Shell fossils, source Pixabay

Plant fossil, source Pixabay


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