New Year’s greetings from the Novella River Park

Dear friends of the Novella River Park,

Also this year is coming to an end and so we decided to dedicate a few words to thank you all, but really everyone!

It has been an intense year of work, commitment and effort, but also full of joys and satisfactions.

We don’t hide the fact that we had a few moments of tiredness and difficulty, as in all things, but we left each time even more enthusiastic, with the same smile and determination as always.

All these moments are a great opportunity for us to grow. Our aim is to improve ourselves, to train ourselves, to become more creative every year, but also more sustainable, more welcoming and more attractive.

If we are here today, it is not only thanks to us but to all of you, because you are also the Park!

So thank you: to all the visitors, guides, volunteers, ApT Val di Non, fellow villagers of Val di Non, the Municipalities of Novella and Dambel and all those who believe in our mission to enhance such a beautiful, interesting and fascinating place that is the Novella River Park.


Wishing you a good end and a good start to the year, we are already preparing to be fully charged next year. What will 2024 look like?


The staff of the Novella River Park