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The yew tree in the Novella River Park

This funny, stocky animal with somewhat uncoordinated movements is considered the largest mustelid in Italy. In Val di Non, the yew tree was always present until the first post-war period. His favorite environments were the fields cultivated by the locals, where he could fill his belly with corn and return to shelter in the woods. Since the 1950s, this species has suffered a drastic decline as a result of the agricultural and environmental transformation of the Val di Non.

Today the badger has once again found a comfortable home in the woods of the Novella River Park, away from sources of disturbance. It is a nocturnal animal, so it is unlikely that you will see it along the path that leads to the canyon even if, perhaps, at dusk you may have 😉 a few more chances

Fun facts about the badger

The characteristic face mask is the distinctive feature of the badger: two conspicuous black streaks that extend from the tip of the muzzle to behind the ears, in contrast with the white coloration of the head. Her sweet little face manages to capture everyone’s attention but, alas… Although he does not look nice, I do not recommend getting very close since he has a very strong character and is not very affable.

Coming out of the paths of the Novella River Park, you can come across curious holes in the ground from which long tunnels start: it is not the work of marmots, but of the badgers who build their “tassere“. Being a plantigrade, the badger is equipped with powerful claws that allow it to dig real underground tunnels consisting of chambers where it can shelter during the day. It may sound funny, but what kind of home is it without a bathroom? This very intelligent animal creates latrines where it can deposit excrement outside its den… Would you have ever guessed?

It is a monotonous animal, it does not like to explore but it always moves along the same paths that are very visible in the undergrowth!

One last curiosity, which you may not know, concerns pregnancy! Mating takes place in the spring and calving towards the end of the following winter… Almost a year? Oh yes, almost a year and the reason is as follows: The fertilized egg remains in a state of quiescence for almost 10 months, after which the “real” gestation of about 2 months begins.

Now tell us your opinionat! Which of these curiosities impressed you the most?

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