Flowers and Groppello at the Novella River Park

Groppello and flowersat the Novella River Park

In these days spring has made itself felt and what better way to welcome it than by organizing a beautiful afternoon in the Novella River Park?

Now we explain the program that we have designed for everyone, from nature lovers to wine enthusiasts!

Let’s start with a pleasant walk dedicated to discovering flowers!

In fact, along the way, in addition to admiring the apple orchards dressed up in a riot of flowers and colors, we will look for the first wild orchids and discover secrets and strategies of the world of plants!

We will then venture into the heart of the Novella River Park, in its wild canyon, a fascinating, almost surreal place and we will walk on walkways over the Novella Stream. Once you emerge from the depths of the earth will come the moment you’ve been waiting for… TASTING!

We will take you to savor a glass of Groppello wine in the cellars that produce it!

Now we will also give you some information about this wine produced in Val di Non so that you are already prepared. 😉

Il Groppello in Val di Non

Only in the Municipality of Novella is Groppello di Revò grown, a native vine of Trentino, to date cultivated by hand in Val di Non by the passion of very few families. The red wine produced is considered precious, just think that only 12,000 bottles are produced per year!

A bit of history…

Groppello derives from “grop” which in Trentino dialect means knot, so called because of the knotted shape that the bunches have.

Precious historical documents report that Groppello was the main crop of the Val di Non towards the end of the 19th century, consumed by the inhabitants especially at village festivals. One of the peculiarities of Groppello is its cultivation: it is defined as a heroic vine!

But why do you think that is?

The vines are grown in narrow and sloping rows, where passing with machines is practically impossible and you have to rely only on the strength of your body!

The harvest takes place at the end of October, the bunches are placed in baskets and in turn unloaded into baskets to be taken upstream and poured onto the tractor’s truck, a method reminiscent of the traditional harvest of the past.

The wineries that produce Groppello

In Val di Non, as we have already said, there are only 6 wineries that deal with the production and preservation of this native vine:

  • Maso Sperdossi Winery
  • El Zeremia Winery
  • Rizzi Valerio Winery
  • LasteRosse Winery
  • Fixum Winery
  • Franch Winery

Characteristics and pairings of Groppello

Due to its acidity, Groppello, before being consumed, is aged in small wooden barrels. The scent of this wine is spicy, reminiscent of pepper, and for this reason it goes perfectly with the most famous dish in Val di Non: the POTATO TORTEL!

Other pairings are: cheeses, cured meats and meat, in particular it goes perfectly with game!

Have we given you enough reasons to join us at the Novella River Park in the coming weekends? Make your appointments: we are waiting for you!

🌸 Saturday 20 April 2024, 2.30 pm Guided tour of the Park and visit to the Sperdossi di Revò Winery

🌸 Saturday 27 April 2024, 2.30 pm Guided tour of the Park and visit to the El Zeremia Winery in Revò

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